Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Contest: 10 to the 100

I was expecting to get the results
of the Google: Project 10 to the 100 contest
in January but it seems the response was
so great it bogged down the process and the
announcement date is up in the air.
Here's Google's comment.

Thank you to everyone who submitted an idea.
We received over 150,000!

Due to the enthusiastic response we received,
it's taking us longer than we expected to review all the ideas.
Check back later, or sign-up to receive an email
update when we've announced the top ideas.



mytruth said...

As global citizens, i too believe we ALL have a responsibility to 'do our part' to make the world a better place for EVERYONE. I think that it should be a requirement that EVERYONE who lives on the face of this blue ball has to devote a percentage of their life/time here being on a specific "committee" of their choosing (Health/Medicine, Poverty/Starvation Alleviation, World Peace, Crime Prevention, Education). Even children can contribute - they have amazing ideas and still hold the innocence and idealism of a Star Trek World. May the force be with you! (...umm, no wait, that's Star Wars!)

The Crap Blog Detective said...

pointless, pointless, pointless.