Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The "Chicken" Project

Have a good look at Haiti. It is ground zero for poverty. I think I will have to agree with this article I found; that Haiti is so far gone it will need major intervention from the world body if anything is to succeed. In the meantime, there is something we might be able to do to alleviate the poverty and starvation. Send chickens! As I have written before, chickens are a sustainable source of eggs and meat, fertilizer and insect control, and cost very little to raise. Free range chickens nearly feed themselves. If we can introduce several flocks of chickens to selected groups or families in Haiti with instructions to establish breeding stations and in turn more breeding sites, the snowball effect could produce an explosion of chicken production! This is my goal, to introduce and sustain chicken production countrywide, for FREE! If you want to assist in this endeavor I'd be happy to have your help. Email me and let me know what you are willing to do to advance the "chicken project", and thanks for your help......Oberon.