Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A mothers love.

Instead of the Orwellian nightmare that is our world today......we could have something else.......we can do better.......we deserve GlobaLove Inc.

The purpose of GlobaLove Inc...... is to initiate a global paradigm shift towards the "Star Trek" world. A world where money is not necessary to "survive", a world where food, shelter, education and healthcare is a non-profit endeavor and the right of every human on the planet........a world where profit is no longer the primary goal.

It is possible to eliminate all poverty and starvation, everything is free. What that means is that if we choose to, we could move to a higher level of community by working for ourselves and the group, like a union, a union of earth people......if you're a human, you belong to the union. This union of earthlings will insure the basic human rights to food for the prevention of starvation, shelter to eliminate homelessness, education to lift us into the realm of awareness, and basic healthcare to sustain us in our difficult journey through human existance........a mothers' love. GlobaLove Incorporated will serve as The Human Union....a mothers' assurance of love for all of earths' children. The Human Union......you are a member.......everyone is a member.

I know there are many wonderful organizations that provide much needed aid to the many poor and starving unfortunate of the world but......with an estimated 30,000 people starving to death every single day.......we will have to create a union that agrees to the basic human rights that we all deserve and works to link all global aid efforts. With starvation being our primary concern, the many innocents who want only for a mouth full of food to survive will be first on our list.

GlobaLove Inc. has created GlobaLove Think Tank......we intend to create a brainstorm by linking as many minds together as we can to identify creative actions that will cascade into an unstoppable force......to initiate "Paradigm Shift."

The "Paradigm Shift" would be the optimal outcome......from the "every man for himself" world to the "one for all, all for one" world of the Three Musketeers. Of course I don't expect that to happen overnight but, if we can begin the process, the journey will begin. The primary goal is getting food to starving mouths, then we'll work on housing, education and healthcare. I would have to say that measuring our success would be reflected in how many hungry mouths we feed, how many people we can save from dying of starvation. Like a mother' love, GlobaLove Inc. wants to give what is needed......love and life. Remember your mother.......she bore you......cared for you......loved you.

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brad4d said...

Thank you for finding out how much I vibrate sympathetically with your hope to inspire supportive nature.